Welcome to the 2021 IET-CSEE Joint Workshop

Following a successful series of energy-related workshops organised by the IET and the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) in 2020, 2021 we will continue the China-UK dialogue, this time focusing on “Carbon Neutral”. Experts from academia and industry from China and the UK will discuss the most significant challenges the energy sector is facing as well as possible green solutions, across a series of three events.

Due to the continuing restrictions caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the IET-CSEE workshops will now take place online. Please register using the button below.


Session 1 Offshore wind power

14th July 2021 08:00-11:30am BST / 15:00-18:30pm CST

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News report

Development trend and key technologies of offshore wind power under dual carbon target
Speaker: Xuhui Shen, Senior engineer, China Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute

Offshore Wind-Experiences in N Europe & Opportunities in China

Speaker: Dr Peter Tavner, Emeritus Professor,  Durham University

Offshore Wind Experiences in Northern Europe and Opportunities in China_PJT.pdf

Key technical challenges and standards for offshore wind farms grid connected via HVDC system
Speaker: Yan Li, Professor level senior engineer, Institute of Technology and International standards

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Report on Offshore coordination project
Speaker: Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, Technical Manager Offshore Coordination, Power Potential Project Lead, National Grid ESO



New DC integration scheme for future offshore wind farms
Speaker: Gang Shi, Associate professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University

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Session 2 Nuclear energy

21st July 2021 08:00-11:00am BST / 15:00-18:00pm CST

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Decision making in the Nuclear sector to support economically sustainable operations
Speaker: Tim Ingram, Technical Director, Strategic Asset Management, Atkins


HPR1000 is an Advanced Nuclear Power for Emission Reduction
Speaker: Tianmin Xin, Vice President, Hualong Nuclear Power Technology Co. Ltd


Sellafield Ltd Site Ventilation Motor Optimisation
Speaker: Mitchell Smith, O+M Lead CE&I Engineer, Sellafield Ltd

(Mitchell Smith Vent Motors.pdf)


The role and prospect of nuclear energy development in ‘peak emissions and carbon neutrality’
Speaker: Mao Chen, Vice President, State Nuclear Electric Power Planning Design & Research Institute (SNPDRI)

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Session 3 Hydrogen energy

28 July 2021 08:00-11:30am BST / 15:00-18:30pm CST  online meeting video


Large-Scale Hydrogen Production & Hydrogen Safety Analysis—The Thinking and Technical Route of SPIC
Speaker: Huajian Chang (SPIC), President of SNPTRD (State Nuclear Power Technology R&D Centre); Chief expert of SPICRI (State Power Investment Corporation Research Institute)

Potential applications of hydrogen as an energy vector in GB decarbonisation
Speaker: Prof Roger Kemp, Emeritus Professor , Lancaster University 
(RJK presentation to 28 July seminar.pdf)


High Temperature Steam/CO2 Co-electrolysis Using Solid Oxide Electrolysis Stack at SINAP
Speaker: Guoping Xiao, Professor, senior engineer, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Delivery of Sustainable Hydrogen
Speaker: Prof. John Thomas Sirr Irvine, School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews 
(hfc hydrogen jtsi IET.pdf)

Sessions Hosts

Our distinguished sessions hosts are:

Session 1: Gang Shi, Associate professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University;

Session 2: Qianyou Pan, Development Director, China General General Nuclear Power Group, Bradwell B project;

Session 3: Jin Lin, Head of Smart Hydrogen Energy System Laboratory, Tsinghua University


Q & A

At the end of each session there will be a questions and answers session.
These events will be of interest to engineers from both industry and academia.

For further information , Please contact mzhang@theiet.org